Picturing Programs:
an Introduction to Computer Programming

© Stephen Bloch 2010

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Picturing Programs is a textbook for beginning computer programming, published in August 2010 by College Publications (not to be confused with College Publishing). The ISBN is 978-1-84890-015-8. We've tried very hard to keep the price down, so it lists at GBP 18.50, which as of this writing is around $29.30. Pre-publication drafts of it have already been used by dozens of high school and college teachers in several countries.

To download for free...

As of June 9, 2011, you can download the entire book for free. Once you've started reading it and working through it, you can pay me whatever you think it's worth.

To order the printed book...

Bookstores, libraries, etc should use their usual wholesale suppliers, referencing the ISBN above. Other bulk orders (10 or more) and requests for examination or adoption copies should go to Jane Spurr of College Publications. Individual orders should be placed via Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc..

Instructors using the book should contact the author for an instructor's guide (which is still under construction, but contains a bunch of helpful teaching tips).

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This site will host errata, updates, supporting classroom materials, problem solutions, and so on.

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